What is a Cryptocurrency?

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual or a digital currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange and it uses cryptography to secure transactions. The cryptography has made it very hard to counterfeit cryptocurrencies. Investors are going for cryptocurrencies due to the fact that it is organic in nature; the digital currencies are not subject to government interference since they aren’t issued by any central authority.
Cryptocurrencies began in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto unknowingly invented Bitcoin while he was trying to develop a digital cash system. He invented it so as to prevent double spending as the digital currency will be completely decentralized and with no server or a central authority to interfere with it.

How do they Differ from Regular Currencies?

The main difference that separates cryptocurrencies and regular currencies, otherwise known as fiat currency, is the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized.This means that there is no institution that controls the supply of the currency or imposes rules and regulations over the currency. Fiat currency is normally produced by governments or central banks, who have control on the supply. They can decide to increase or decrease supply when they see fit.

The idea of having a central body in charge of your money has always been a point of concern for a lot of people. Cryptocurrencies are a breath of fresh air because a consensus makes decisions and there is no middle man when it comes to transactions.

How to Start Trading Cryptocurrencies?

The quickest and easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies is to trade using leverage. This means that you do not need to go through the process of actually buying the asset.
To trade this way, you must open an account with a broker. You can have an account open and funded within the hour! Everything is very quick nowadays.

What is Leverage?

Leverage essentially means you are borrowing a certain amount of money needed to invest or to take a trade. In most cases, you are borrowing from a broker.Different brokers offer different levels of leverage, meaning that you can either take less risk by putting less on a trade because the broker will cover the rest. Or, it allows you to put on a larger position. A larger position results in larger returns but as with all trading, it also results in larger losses.

As highlighted, leverage allows you to put less capital down, which in turn frees your capital for other investments or trades.

This happens by trading derivatives of the asset you want exposure to. Likely instruments include futures contracts and Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

What are Cryptocurrency CFDs?

Contracts for Difference or CFDs are instruments that give you exposure to certain markets without actually owning the underlying asset. They allow you to trade on the difference between two prices.They are a separate market to the actual asset but they do offer you extra liquidity. This is because they access liquidity from the underlying assets market as well as the liquidity from the CFD market.

If you were to imagine trading oil. When you buy oil, you do not receive a barrel of oil to your door. The process of receiving the asset would be a nightmare and the same can apply to cryptocurrencies. Therefore if it suits the investor, it is advisable to trade using CFDs.

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies on Leverage?

As highlighted in the CFD FAQ, trading on leverage means you do not need to go through the, sometimes, long process of buying the underlying asset.Another advantage of trading on leverage is that because you are borrowing from the broker, you can borrow from the broker and sell without owning the product. This allows you to short sell a market. Resulting in you being able to take advantage of a market going up and down.

This essentially doubles your trading opportunities. No longer must you wait for a market to pull back before buying it, now you can sell it down to that level and then buy it back up!


Bitcoin Code Login – Members Area – Bitcoin Code Finance Website

Bitcoin Code Login

Over the past few years, during the strong pace of Bitcoin Code Login and the surprising upward momentum, some economists have criticized the lack of intrinsic value to them. It is known to people that the intrinsic value is found in mandatory cash or most assets in the world. Economists who have been subjected to critical criticism (Fiat Money) and the conventional economy for decades have struggled to understand the financial and technical concepts of Bitcoin Code. So the decentralized nature of Bitcoin Code Finance has a vague concept for most economists, because they basically have not encountered such concepts in the past.

Despite the growing demand from institutional investors for The Bitcoin Code Software, including Fidelity Investments, which oversees $2.31 trillion in assets, economists such as Howard Marks, who manages Oakland Capital for $90 billion, Ready to embrace Bitcoin Code Login because of the lack of intrinsic value. Marx then criticizes the absence of a fixed or substantial value for Bitcoin Code Login, but strangely enough, paper currencies also have no intrinsic value.

The only difference between Bitcoin Code Login and paper currencies is that the former is decentralized and can not be manipulated by a central group of administrators while paper currencies are centralized and can be manipulated by a central group of administrators. For example, if the bid for the penthouse is fixed at a total ceiling of $21 million, the dollar offer, by contrast, is not constant and has been constantly manipulated and manipulated by the Fed using Quantitative Easing.

In fact, most Bitcoin Code Login supporters, users, traders and investors are those who recognize decentralized systems not only in finance but also in other sectors. The technology behind Bitcoin Code Login and Blockchain technology or block chain is a distributed database that has the ability to manage an ever-increasing list of named records. And used by some of the largest multi-billion dollar companies to create innovative data processing and verification systems. So economists do not seem to fully understand the technology behind Bitcoin Code Login. It is a sophisticated piece of software and technical complexities and it is difficult to break down, experts say.

But, as Goldman Sachs emphasized, investors do not necessarily have to understand the technology behind Bitcoin Code Login because the market has proven to be a success for the company as a safe haven and storehouse of value. There are currently more than 800 digitized digital currency (Cryptocurrency) although only nine have a market cap of over one billion dollars. Investors and some economists who have not been fortunate enough to understand Bitcoin Code Members Login and its potential as evident in the market, can not continue to ignore them. The Bitcoin Code Login will continue to evolve into a major currency, competing against reserve currencies on the Money Supply M1 and against precious metals including gold. Others argue that digital currencies are nothing but an unfounded fad (or perhaps even a pyramid system) that could cause chaos in the virtual currency market.

History of the economic system Since time immemorial, many of the so-called economic bubbles have been known (ie, the price of a commodity rises terribly because of speculation, and the balloon inflates to the extent of the explosion, so the commodity is known to fall sharply in its price). This is what they call Bitcoin Code Login as the encoded digital currency, or the encoded commodity, as its price is always increasing from $ 0.50 in 2008 to $6,000 at the time of writing this Bitcoin Code Review. But many economic experts in their analysis assert that the Bitcoin Code is not an economic bubble and this is due to several reasons why the economic claim completely denies, among these reasons

Bitcoin is not a bubble of economic bubbles

The power of Bitcoin Code appears in nature only as a centralization, because Bitcoin Code is not the property of any central bank (unlike international currencies), Bitcoin’s value can not be manipulated to produce or print currencies at any time the bank needs it. This gives theBitcoin Code stability and complete independence from the hands of banks and will always remain in value as gold.

Bitcoin Code Login does not increase in quantity:
Unlike national currencies, which can increase the amount of money circulating between institutions and people if the state needs it, the Bitcoin Code Login can not be any institution, state or organization to increase in the quantity confined to 21 million units of Bitcoin Code. And the market has reached 80% of the total number of petrochemicals. Which made the notaries of the currency (minerals) have difficulty mining. Which leads to the vow, and the vow of something means the high value.

Overall safety:
Decentralization, encryption makes the currency secure and can not be any party or power outside the control or penetration, or even to inflict any harm to them, also the user keys to the first Bitcoin Code Login Members portfolio of the user and can not anyone without his permission to see it, and the other year for the transfers between the parties. (B) No party can interfere with it, in a better sense, each user has his or her own bank account, which is the owner and controller of the bank.

Fraud Detection:
Because all of the Bitcoin Code Finance transactions are recorded in the Bitcoin Code Login Website, the chance of fraud is minimal at best and can be tracked immediately.

Therefore, with unprecedented security, manipulation of the Bitcoin Code Login system by third parties is non-existent, and supply is limited, there is no reason not to continue to raise the price of Bitcoin Code Login in the future.

Bitcoin Code Finance

Here we conclude that the Bitcoin Code Login is not a bubble, so that bubbles can occur in the markets if they do not meet what they said in the previous lines.

Take a second look – PIVX

In this series I will be looking at coins with a future that are not in the top 20 sometimes not even in the top 40.  These coins will be long term HODL (Hold On Don’t Letgo) opportunities.

Pivx is a Dash fork with some differences.  It does have masternodes like Dash, 10,000 Pivx* will get you a masternode. They also have instant send like dash. What is different is they are trying to get zerocoin protocal on a POS coin which would be awesome.  They do have a mobile wallet on Android and are working on the stringent process of getting it on iOS, the glimmer of hope is that Dash has put out a mobile wallet on iOS so that is a good sign I think.


The price difference is a huge between Dash and Pivx(about 10% of dash’s price). Much cheaper to run a masternode for Pivx than dash but the rewards are less for now.

PIVX uses a seesaw balancing reward system to prevent centralization of masternodes.  It does this by adjusting the reward split between masternodes and staking nodes.

As the proportion of masternodes increase, the reward for masternodes decrease while stake mining reward increases.  Conversely, if the proportion of masternode count decreases, reward for masternode increase and staking mining reward decrease.

This periodic adjustment of the reward distribution between masternodes and staking nodes incentivizes masternodes when their count is low and incentivizes staking nodes when masternode count is high.  It is a balancing mechanism built into the code to preventive centralization of masternodes.

Additionally, PIVX’s community designed governance initiative could potentially be a game changer if they can pull it off.  Bitcoin’s scaling debate that has been drawn out for nearly 2 years has shown us the problems having and unstructured governance and sudo centralization of power.  As a result there has been more of afocus  on  governance models.  The rise in popularity of governance coins such as Decred (DCR) has shown that is what people want.

Though PIVX’s community governance project is still in its planning/discussion phase; the fact that it is taking initiative to redesign it’s governance to be structured, decentralized and distributed is very exciting. I am hopeful that it will be completed soon if not the very least a release date to be announced soon.

Active develpoment Pivx hype tweet. Not sure if that is just hype or the zerocoin protocol is coming out.  Needless to say they are active developers.

On a comparative basis, PIVX is one of the cheapest masternode coin with a focus on privacy.  It has differentiating features including proof of stake algorithm, masternodes, zero-proof knowledge, and instant send that could garner a lot of attention if it starts to take off.  Additionally, it’s see-saw reward balancing mechanism and initiative to redesign community governance addresses the problem of centralized power apparent in many crypto currencies including DASH.  And finally its proven that it’s a real project with long-term goals.

PIVX is a young project with a smaller marketcap that is still subject to the volitility of a newer crypto.  It wouldn’t surprise me if PIVX were to lose more than half of it’s value in a week, especially if there is a Bitcoin fallout because most alt coins are tied to BTC’s performance.  However, I am looking for a 100 to 800% return on this investment, solid team, solid project if they keep up with the roadmap we are in for a ride.

Catalyst to look for:

PIVX added to Poloniex and other exchanges
Announcement of key milestones such as: Zerocoin protocol (crosses fingers) and redesigned community governance to name a few.

Disclosure: I hold and am long on PIVX. I not financial advisor and this article merely expresses my own opinions.